Piñatas by Mosaico Arte Chicago

I have always loved piñatas and we all know a party just isn’t a party without one!

I handmake all of my piñatas using recycled cardboard, tissue paper and crepe paper. I cut and shape the cardboard and cut piles of tissue paper. I then spend many magical hours gluing strips of tissue to create unique custom piñatas in any from you can imagine! selnapinata.jpg


Piñatas made for SelenaVIVE 2017, Cultura in Pilsen’s annual fundraiser. A Selena karaoke and drag show. The most fun EVER.


Lego Kitty piñata made for a cute little girl’s birthday party.


And sometimes I spend the weekend making piñatas and I love it! Especially when I get to go to the party too. You can learn how to make your own piñatas in my BYOB Piñatas! Check Dabble.co http://bit.ly/1UCr9HP for dates and registration info. ❤


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