Stained Glass Flowers and Cacti

Make an everlasting flower from stained glass in my home studio in Logan Square.

I will provide all supplies and materials for you to create a flower or even a cactus from stained glass. These can be incorporated into a vase or pot and look beautiful for years. You are not limited to making flowers or cacti, you can make a wide assortment of sun catchers.

Learn simple glass cutting techniques to shape your piece from a wide assortment of stained glass colors. You will also learn to copper foil and solder your piece. I will help you along the way to ensure that you take home at least one completed project.

Register for class on 12/10/17 at 11AM

Register for class on 12/10/17 at 4PM


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  1. Hi,

    Can I contact you about some possible sugar skull workshops at Northeastern Illinois University?

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    1. Yes! Email me at or call me at 773-688-8984


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